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It started out as a university research project with a simple premise: “Knowing the energy performance of buildings would create public awareness and ultimately lead to more informed decisions and more efficient buildings."

The idea founder, Dr. Alexandros Charalambides (Alex), Lecturer at the Cyprus University of Technology, begun transmitting this vision to anyone who would listen. From energy agencies to TedX events, Alex put the wheels in motion to create a simple map that would help users locate buildings of interest and understand what their energy performance rating is.

Alex joined forces with friend and business partner, Paris Thomas, Business Consultant and Director at Open Box Communication, and Jânio Tjoe-Awie, Geographical Information Systems expert from Nieuwland Geo-Informatie in The Netherlands, to compete in a pan-European entrepreneurship competition in Berlin, hosted by Climate-KIC, EU’s main climate initiative. As the first prize winners of the Open Innovation Slam, Alex, Paris, and Jânio received much needed seed capital to launch their idea and try their hand at changing the world!

ENERMAP LTD. was incorporated in early 2013 and is currently incubated at Imperial College in London, under the close supervision and support of Climate-KIC. The team has currently grown to include Kyriakos Ktorides as CTO and dozens of associates from GIS mapping, web design, energy offices, and universities who all have a crucial role to play. The team is currently designing, developing, changing, adapting, and exploring different business models that will enable them to make ENERMAP not only a reality of today, but a sustainable business of tomorrow.

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The Enermap Team

Paris Thomas (COO) and Dr. Alexandros Charalambides (CEO)

A look inside Enermap

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